Top Headlines

     June 26, 2015
     Legislators Should Not Reward Seminole Tribe’s Threats
     June 12, 2015
     We Applaud the State for Filing A Motion for Rehearing En Banc
     June 3, 2015
     Editorial: Gretna Should Not Bet Its Future On A Casino
     May 29, 2015
     Statement on First DCA Ruling in Gretna Racing Case
     May 28, 2015
     3 Reasons Floridians Should Care That The Northeast Gambling Market is Saturated
     May 18, 2015
     TV News Report Shows Internet Gambling Cafes Popping Up Despite Ban
     May 7, 2015
     Former Congressman: “The new face of gambling addiction is an elderly lady”
     April 22, 2015
     Moody’s: “The walls are closing in” on casinos
     April 18, 2015
     Guest Column: Florida Shouldn’t Repeat the Gambling Mistakes of Others
     April 9, 2015
     Don’t let Florida become the next Atlantic City
     March 13, 2015
     El Nuevo Herald Opinion Column and English Translation
     March 12, 2015
     Editorial: Huge casinos wouldn’t nourish us, just supersize problems
     March 11, 2015
     Editorial: Expanded Gambling Bad Bet For Florida
     March 8, 2015
     Editorial: Selling Florida’s Soul
     March 4, 2015
     “New Deal” Ad Details Unprecedented Gambling Expansion Proposed for Florida
     March 4, 2015
     Guest Column: Don’t let Florida fall victim to gambling’s toxicity
     March 2, 2015
     Statement of No Casinos President John Sowinski regarding HB 1233 released by Rep. Dana Young
     February 27, 2015
     Guest Column: Collapse of Atlantic City Casinos a Cautionary Tale for Miami
     February 23, 2015
     Atlantic City’s Casino Closures Causing School Funding Crisis
     February 19, 2015
     Shocking: Casino Revenue Estimator Admits, “We Were Guessing”
     February 17, 2015
     97 Million Reasons To Protect Our Family-Friendly Brand
     February 10, 2015
     Revel Sale Collapses…Again
     February 2, 2015
     Three Reasons Floridians Should Care About the Plight of Atlantic City
     January 22, 2015
     New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Declares “Economic Martial Law” in Atlantic City
     January 8, 2015
     Guest Column: N.J. Casino, Local Business Failures Should be a Warning for Florida
     December 9, 2014
     Pro-gambling group mysteriously doubles job claims in less than 80 days
     November 17, 2014
     Atlantic City’s “Grand Closing” Continues as Taj Mahal Sets December Closing Date
     October 14, 2014
     Poll: Floridians Say More Casino Gambling Wrong Direction For Our State
     October 13, 2014
     Guest Column: Atlantic City Symbolizes the Folly of Betting on Gambling
     October 7, 2014
     No Casinos is Hitting the Airwaves
     September 30, 2014
     Editorial: Fool’s Gold With Any Expansion of Gambling in Florida
     September 26, 2014
     “We Live Day to Day…”
     September 24, 2014
     Commentary: A Bet Florida Cannot Afford
     September 22, 2014
     Revenue Loss to Fuel Push for Indiana Casino Help
     September 17, 2014
     Biloxi’s Margaritaville Casino Shuts Down
     September 16, 2014
     Atlantic City’s “Grand Closing” Continues as Trump Plaza Shuts Down
     September 15, 2014
     Casino Cannibalization Hits California
     September 12, 2014
     Editorial: Atlantic City’s Losing Streak Proves Gambling Expansion a Bad Idea
     September 11, 2014
     Next Loss for Atlantic City Could be Police Force
     September 10, 2014
     2,800 More Jobs May Be Lost as Another Atlantic City Casino Scheduled to Close
     September 9, 2014
     Small Businesses Will Be The Next Victims of Atlantic City Casino Closures
     September 8, 2014
     The Definition of Insanity
     September 4, 2014
     “Grand Closing” Ad and Website Launched
     September 2, 2014
     Atlantic City “Grand Closing” Underway
     August 28, 2014
     “Grand Closing” of Three Atlantic City Casinos Begins Sunday
     August 21, 2014
     “It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again”
     August 19, 2014
     A Marathon vs. A Can of Mountain Dew
     August 18, 2014
     Closed Casinos = Atlantic City Blight
     August 12, 2014
     A Cautionary Tale…
     August 11, 2014
     “The Gusher Is Over”
     August 8, 2014
        Florida Budget Surplus Shows Our Economy Rebounding…Without Casinos
    July 15, 2014
        Moody’s downgrades gambling industry to “negative” outlook
     July 14, 2014
        Atlantic City Implosion Continues
     June 25, 2014
        New statewide poll on casino gambling released and distributed to newly-qualified candidates
     June 20, 2014
        “Destination Resort” failure a warning to Floridians
     June 20, 2014
        Casino Boom Pinches Northeastern States
     June 3, 2014
        Why 95% of Patrons to Florida Casinos Would Be Locals
     April 3, 2014
        Local casinos are a losing bet
     April 2, 2014
        Casino “destinations” still on hard times
     April 1, 2014
        Casino economies continue their downward spiral
     March 31, 2014
     March 26, 2014
        Editorial: Florida shouldn’t risk its family-friendly brand
     March 19, 2014
        “Control Boards”: A Casino-Cozy Ploy
     March 17, 2014
        “Gaming Control Board” — A recipe for gambling expansion and influence 
     March 13, 2014
        No Casinos Statement on the Passing of Governor Reubin Askew
     March 11, 2014
        “Pushing Luck” Now Available Online & DVD
     March 4, 2014
        Editorial: Bad bet on gambling
     February 27, 2014
        No Casinos to Senator Richter: There’s no basis for expanding gambling
     February 26, 2014
        Gambling bill faces long odds on producing any reforms
     February 24, 2014
         Proposed Bills Are A Sellout To Gambling Interests
     February 24, 2014
         The harmful – even deadly – effects of casino gambling
     February 22, 2014
          State’s outsource casino policing to private firms
      February 21, 2014
          Forget Lady Luck – Casinos’ Economic Harm Trumps Gains
      February 13, 2014
          No Casinos Launches Statesmen’s Council
      February 12, 2014
          Florida is the 23rd – not 4th – Largest Gambling State
      February 3, 2014
          No Casinos launches Parody Website
      February 3, 2014
          History tells us the slot machine is a loser
      January 28, 2014
          Column: Casinos are a losing bet
      January 23, 2014
          73-year-old Florida man robs bank after gambling his money away
      January 20, 2014
          Vegas-style economic diversification
      January 14, 2014
           1,600 lose jobs in Atlantic City
      January 9, 2014
           Genting is making bad headlines again
      January 8, 2014
           Genting Agreement With Track Yet Another Gambling Bait-And-Switch
      January 6, 2014
           Genting Shows Its True Color On Jobs
      January 3, 2014
           No Casinos to Release Documentary on Gambling
      December 29, 2013
            Fears of Social Breakdown as Gambling Explodes in Italy
      December 17, 2013
            Casinos’ 12 Days of Christmas: Naughty Not Nice
      December 9, 2013
            Spectrum’s Ohio casino revenue projections way off
      November 21, 2013
            Moody’s Downgrades Atlantic City
      November 14, 2013
            Did Genting and Sands break the rules in Singapore?
      November 11, 2013
             ANOTHER Atlantic City Casino in Bankruptcy
      November 1, 2013
             Another one rides the bus… for Las Vegas Sands
      October 31, 2013
              Las Vegas Sands Poll Taken Apart
      October 31, 2013
              Las Vegas Sands Orchestrates Smoke & Mirrors Campaign
      October 29, 2013
              Florida Should Not Gamble Its Future
      October 23, 2013
              An Open Response to Nancy Smith
      October 22, 2013
              Carol Dover: Casinos in Florida would harm local businesses
      October 15, 2013
              Editorial: Florida gambling study leaves no cards face up
      October 14, 2013
              Editorial: Gotta know when to fold ’em
      October 11, 2013
              Despite Miss America’s return, Atlantic City saw casino revenue plunge
      October 10, 2013
              Promises for Atlantic City were empty
      October 9, 2013
              Florida needs credible information on casinos
      September 30, 2013
              Florida Casinos: Fix is in?
      September 29, 2013
               TAMPA TRIBUNE SAYS: Resist another run to expand gaming
      September 26, 2013
               Spectrum Gaming’s Cloudy Crystal Ball
      September 24, 2013
               BREAKING NEWS: Spectrum Study Released Early, Exaggerates Economic Benefits to Florida
      September 23, 2013
New Ad Blasts “Independent” Gambling Study
      September 19, 2013
               Spectrum Gaming Sideshow: A Roll-Out For Big Casinos?
      September 18, 2013
               33 Scholars Link State-Sponsored Casinos to Patterns of Economic Inequality
      September 9, 2013
               The Other Investigation…
      September 5, 2013
               New Mob Bio Traces Probe of PA Gaming Industry
      September 4, 2013
More Bad News for Las Vegas Sands
       August 30, 2013
              Sands agrees to settlement in Vegas Money Laundering Deal
       August 30, 2013
              Casino’s Money-Back Ad: Another Deceptive Promise
       August 29, 2013
              Casino cash goes to lure gamblers, not help Atlantic City neighborhoods
August 27, 2013
              Casino bets on strippers to boost flagging fortunes
August 26, 2013
              Broken Promises in Atlantic City: Florida Should Beware
August 21, 2013
              Christie’s Full Time Job — Save Atlantic City Casinos 
August 20, 2013
              Las Vegas Sands Lobbyists says Florida should be more like Atlantic City
August 8, 2013
               Florida Gambling Regulators: Inept or Complicit?
July 22, 2013
Florida History Proves Link Between Casino Gambling and Corruption
July 19, 2013
Two women play slots while children left in running car outside casino, police say
July 15, 2013
Study: Casinos and Corruption are Close Cousins
July 2, 2013
Study: Casinos could harm Florida Tourism
June 21, 2013
DBPR Thumbs It’s Nose at Judge in Gretna Case – Sides with Bogus Gambling Operation
June 20, 2013
NYT: Genting “Resorts World” Cannibalizes NY Businesses
May 6, 2013
Judge’s Order Shuts Down More Florida Gambling
April 29, 2013
No Casinos to Legislature: Rescue Gambling Study from Biased Gambling Industry Insiders
April 17, 2013
Genting Consultant Hired by Legislature to Make Recommendations on State Gambling Policy
April 4, 2013
Gambling and Crime: An undeniable link
March 13, 2013
Legislature Should Act NOW to ban internet gambling cafés
March 12, 2013
Internet Gambling Café Operators Arrested
February 20, 2013
New “Destination Resort” Files for Bankruptcy
January 14, 2013
Legislative Committees Studying Gambling Should Weigh Social and Economic Costs
December 18, 2012
NC High Court Upholds Law Banning Internet Cafés
December 10, 2012
News Reports: Genting to Abandon Ballot Initiative
November 21, 2012
Channel 9 Investigation Raises Serious Questions
July 23, 2012
No Casinos Back to the Airwaves
July 13, 2012
Foreign Gambling Conglomerate Seeks Rewrite of Florida Constitution
May 25, 2012
Violence at Internet Café is Out of Hand Brutal Crime is Another Reason Leaders Should Enact Ban
April 27, 2012
Voters, not Politicians, Should Decide Casino Gambling
April 16, 2012
Casino Interests preparing to roll the dice on 2014 ballot
March 1, 2012
House votes to shut down internet gambling cafés
February 8, 2012
Destination Casinos Dead: Now Let’s Shut Down Internet Cafés
February 3, 2012
House Committee Votes to Table Mega-Casino Bill
February 1, 2012
New Study Delivers Alarming News to Floridians: Cost of Mega Casinos Crime Over $3 Billion
January 30, 2012
The Casino Environment and Human Trafficking
January 23, 2012
New York Times Column: No Casinos
January 19, 2012
South Florida Casino Opponents Launch TV ad
January 18, 2012
Fort Lauderdale says “No Casinos”
January 17, 2012
House bill to stop internet gambling cafés is a world apart from Senate bill’s colossal gambling expansion
December 15, 2011
Miami Beach says “no casinos”
December 14, 2011
Video: In their own words
December 6, 2011
A Press conference with a gag order
December 5, 2011
Opulent ad buy more proof that Gambling Promoters need a 12-step Program
November 29, 2011
Yes, legalizing the biggest casinos in the world IS an expansion of Gambling…
October 31, 2011
Florida Attractions Association Opposes Destination Resort Casinos in Florida
October 31, 2011
Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling Statistics
October 26, 2011
Hearings on investigation reported in Wall Street Journal should come before casino bill
October 18, 2011
Only 20% Florida Voters Support Expansion of Gambling
October 11, 2011
Casino Gambling: Myths V. Facts