“Gaming Control Board” — A recipe for gambling expansion and influence

“Gaming Control Board” —

A recipe for gambling expansion and influence

While gambling interests continue to lobby for the legalization of Vegas-style casinos, they are also pushing for a “gaming commission” or “control board.” It seems they want to design their own regulatory agency. How convenient. And if one is created, guess who will really control the control board…  This article sheds some much-needed light on the subject.

“…Yet Pennsylvania’s story is also about how badly things can go wrong within the halls of government when billions of dollars are at stake. The financial success of Pennsylvania’s casinos was built on the ambitious scope of the effort and the rich profitability of the industry, but also on a foundation of cronyism, patronage, and back-room deals, not to mention overlooked criminal histories and alleged mob ties, according to a grand jury report released earlier this year.

The report concluded that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board – which was created to protect taxpayers’ interests – had instead looked after the industry, that it had taken “the public policy objectives and essentially turned them on their head.’’

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