Proposed Bills Are A Sellout To Gambling Interests

Proposed Bills are a Sellout to Gambling Interests

No Casinos President John Sowinski offered the following reactions to bills released by the Senate Gaming Committee Staff:

“It’s Christmas in February for out of state gambling interests, and their entire wish list can be found in these bills.”

“The bills are a contradiction to the yearlong ‘study’ conducted by the committee.  It is impossible to reconcile any of the committee’s findings – either from the study or the public hearings they held – with the content of this legislation.”

“This legislation reeks of gambling interest influence.”

“I have yet to find any major provision that isn’t there at the request of somebody in the gambling industry.”

“Even the constitutional amendment is a sell-out, and would give casino bosses privileged status, by making expanding gambling the easiest path to amending Florida’s Constitution.  This would be the mother of all gambling loopholes.”



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