Genting Agreement With Track Yet Another Gambling Bait and Switch

Proposed Genting agreement with track yet another gambling bait-and-switch

Voters were promised – and the constitution authorizes – slots ONLY “in existing, licensed pari-mutuel facilities”

What part of “No” doesn’t Genting get?  Legislators told them no.  And voters approved slots only “in existing, licensed pari-mutuel facilities” in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.  Now Genting wants legislators to authorize an end-run around legislative oversight and the expressed will of the voters that would open 2,000 slot machines in downtown Miami.

If legislators or regulators go along with Genting’s plan, it would be the latest in a litany of broken promises about how “limited” gambling would be.  Here’s the amendment that voters narrowly approved with 50.8% of the vote:


Legislators should take note of the games the industry plays every time gambling is expanded. When the gambling industry is given an inch, it takes a mile.  Legislators should also see this as a warning sign about what could happen if they create a vast new bureaucracy — an “independent gaming commission” that the industry wants.  Gambling interests want state bureaucrats to assume broader discretion over time to approve shenanigans just like Genting is trying to pull with a racetrack, without having to seek legislative approval.

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