STUDY: CASINOS AND FLORIDA: Crime and Prison Costs


This report estimates the future impacts of casinos and crime in Florida. It finds that following the introduction of casinos in Miami-Dade county, crime increases and the state prison system is impacted with an additional cost of $3 billion dollars over a 10-year period. These charts represent the estimated increase in the number of crimes and the cost to state taxpayers.


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Position Points


Gambling in Florida will increase the crime, social and economic costs that hurt our economy, communities and taxpayers.  This short PDF focuses on the leading arguments against expanding casino gambling in Florida.


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Myths & Facts


Florida history is littered with empty promises from gambling interests.  We’re hearing some awfully familiar promises from casino promoters this time around, too.


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STUDY: Casinos, Crime, & Community Costs


In this definitive study, the clear connection between casino gambling and increased crime rates is explored. Findings indicate that between 5.5 and 30 percent of crimes in casino counties can be attributed to casinos.


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STUDY: The Regional Economic Impacts of Casino Gambling


This study, backed by the Casino Industry, was intended to rebut the argument that casino gambling merely cannibalizes existing industry.  Nontheless, the results conclude that industry cannibalization is a valid concern in Florida and other developed tourism economies.


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