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Vegas-style economic diversification

1,600 Lose Jobs In Atlantic City
January 14, 2014
73-year-old Florida man robs bank after gambling his money away
January 23, 2014

Vegas-style economic diversification

Vegas-style economic diversification

It’s worth reading the entire article to appreciate the culture that mega-casinos breed, so to speak. The local politician’s enthusiastic quote about growing the porn industry in Las Vegas sounds a lot like what supporters of gambling in Florida say about adding mega-casinos. Clearly one thing leads to another…

Porn production moves to Vegas after condom law
Adult industry finds Sin City a natural, cheaper fit

By Hannah Dreier
January 18, 2014
Reno Gazette Journal

LAS VEGAS — Lee Roy Myers has everything you’d expect to find in the nation’s porn capital in Southern California: sets of a classroom, hospital room, locker room and a bedroom, as well as a list of porn stars waiting to perform.

But his plywood universe is not in the San Fernando Valley; it’s a few paces away from the glittery casinos of the Las Vegas Strip.

“Las Vegas is a fresh town, and it’s where people need the business,” said Myers, whose new studio is part of a boom in X-rated production in Sin City sparked by a Los Angeles law requiring male actors to wear condoms.

The rule and potential opportunities in Nevada were the talk of the Adult Entertainment Expo this week. The annual sex industry trade show culminates today with an awards ceremony for adult films.

“It’s not really an option to change the way we make our movies, and moving production isn’t that hard,” said porn purveyor Jules Jordan, who warned reporters not to ask him about condoms.

The voter-approved Los Angeles regulation survived a constitutional challenge, but other lawsuits are ongoing, and the industry is still waiting for the first big prophylactic bust.

The number of permits requested to make porn films in Los Angeles County has declined by an estimated 95 percent since the law took effect, according to Film LA, a private nonprofit that issues the licenses. The number of applications fell from about 480 in 2012 to just 24 through the first nine months of 2013.

Derek Hay, owner of adult talent agency LA Direct Models, estimates that 20 percent of the industry will have moved to Las Vegas by the end of the year….
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