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No Casinos launches Parody Website

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February 3, 2014
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February 11, 2014

No Casinos launches Parody Website

No Casinos launches Parody Website

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Legislators should take note of what gambling interests say – and don’t say – when promoting their ideas. The industry wants legislators to take political risks that the industry itself seems unwilling to take. They want legislators to expand gambling, while they themselves refer to it as “gaming.” They want legislators to vote for casinos, while they themselves will never use that word in their advocacy efforts – instead, the industry calls them “integrated resorts” which is slightly different than the “destination resorts” they were pushing two years ago. It’s only a matter of time before they start calling them “integrated destination resorts.”

Anything but the “casino” word.

Heads up to legislators – the casino industry may want to get away with calling a “casino” an “integrated resort”, but political opponents won’t be as accommodating in their description of a vote to legalize casinos. They can be counted on to call it what it is – “legalizing Las Vegas Style mega-casinos.” It’s unlikely that Las Vegas Sands is telling you how those words poll.

The latest example of the industry that has no shame being ashamed to utter the name of its own product (and the words they want legislators to be on record voting for) is a promotional website they launched a couple of weeks ago. But if you go to their website,, there is no mention of casinos or gambling. Lots of pictures of beaches, restaurants and other attractive things that Florida already has.

So today, No Casinos is launching a parody website,, to tell the truth about what “integrated resort” advocates are really after and the real downsides for Florida.


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