BREAKING NEWS: Spectrum Study Released Early

Exaggerates Economic Benefits to Florida

Tallahassee, FL – Most observers of the Casino Gambling issue in Florida have been anticipating an October 1st release date of a study by Spectrum Gaming Group to assess the economic implications of having more gambling in Florida.  But Spectrum has already studied the issue, and arrived at its conclusion.

“Spectrum projects that three destination gaming resorts, as designed based on market demand and certain Client assumptions, would generate gross gaming revenue demand in the range of $4.3 billion to $6.0 billion per year,” concludes Spectrum Managing Director Michael Pollock.

Spectrum’s analysis came out early – in fact, it came out 22 and half months early – way back in time (less than 2 years ago) when Spectrum was working for the Genting company as a part of the Malaysian casino operator’s failed lobbying efforts to build the world’s biggest casino in Florida.  If Pollock’s name is familiar, it should be.  He is also Spectrum’s point man on the study the gambling firm is doing for the Florida Legislature.  His letter explaining Spectrum’s findings can be seen here.  So while we wait for Spectrum’s study done for the Florida Legislature to be released, we can ask ourselves whether a study by this company can truly be considered “independent.”

“Does anyone think for a second that a company that is routinely on the payroll of companies lobbying this issue in Florida, and whose work is a part of at least one of those company’s lobbying efforts in the last two years, can provide unbiased information to our legislators?” asked No Casinos President John Sowinski.  “Like everything else the gambling industry does, it simply does not pass the straight-face test.”

Here’s the link to Spectrum’s letter on behalf of Genting in PDF format.