New proposal to “save” Atlantic City seeks to cut police and fire

A second summit to help save Atlantic City was held recently by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. One of the proposals discussed at this summit is to make drastic cuts to police and fire services in order to “rightsize” those departments.

This proposal would cut the police force from 330 uniformed officers to 285, a cut of 13.6% and would cut the fire department from 261 to 180, a cut of 31%. logo


Would police cuts harm tourism in Atlantic City?

November 17, 2014

ATLANTIC CITY – Can Atlantic City be a destination resort with fewer cops?

Among the proposals posted last week on the website run by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority was “rightsizing” the city’s police and fire departments.

The recommendation, posted the day after the second city summit led by Gov. Christie, calls for reducing the police department from 330 uniformed employees to 285, and the fire department from 261 to 180. It also brought up the possibility of regionalizing both departments to further save costs.

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