Voter Control of Gambling Initiative Headed for Review by the Florida Supreme Court


Orlando, Fla. – The Voter Control of Gambling Amendment has passed a key threshold, gaining the needed 68,314 certified petitions to earn review by the Florida Supreme Court. The total number of valid petitions stands at 69,336.

“This is a big day in the effort to return control of gambling back to the people of Florida,” said John Sowinski, Chairman of Voters In Charge, the group sponsoring the initiative. “We look forward to having the Supreme Court review our initiative and are confident that our amendment meets all requirements for Supreme Court approval. If the court returns a ruling in the Gretna case that does not make Florida voters the ultimate authority over gambling decisions, we are prepared to move forward to put the initiative on the 2018 ballot.”

The Voter Control of Gambling Amendment would require those pressing for casino gambling to make their case to Florida voters in an open and public forum through a constitutional initiative. The amendment has consistently polled near or above 70% approval over the last few years.  Additional polling has shown that 72% of Floridians believe the state has too much or just enough gambling.

The ballot summary for the proposed amendment begins as follows:

“This amendment ensures that Florida voters shall have the exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling by requiring that in order for casino gambling to be authorized under Florida law, it must be approved by Florida voters pursuant to Article XI, Section 3 of the Florida Constitution. Affects articles X and XI. Defines casino gambling and clarifies that this amendment does not conflict with federal law regarding state/tribal compacts”

“While the legislature once again rejected gambling expansion, we know the gambling lobbyists will not give up until they turn Florida into the next Atlantic City.  Over 100,000 Floridians have stepped up and signed our petition to reject the Big Casinos and their lobbyists and asked to have the final say when it comes to gambling in Florida,” Sowinski continued. “Voters are sending a message to the establishment that Florida is not for sale.”

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