ICYMI: News coverage of press announcement

Tuesday in Tallahassee, No Casinos President John Sowinski announced our three-pronged strategy to prevent the expansion of gambling in Florida.

Our plan involves fighting legislation that would expand gambling, including the newly proposed compact between the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the State of Florida, filing an amicus brief in the Gretna case pending in the Florida Supreme Court, and continuing with our Voters In Charge initiative if the court rules against a strict interpretation of Article X, section 7 of the Florida Constitution.

Below is a brief compilation of some of the news coverage regarding our announcement with links if would would like to read the article online.

No Casinos goes on offense – News Service of Florida, “No Casinos is employing what president John Sowinski called a “three-pronged strategy” — legislative, legal and ballot initiative — to keep gambling in check in Florida.

No Casinos promises multi-front war on gambling – FloridaPolitics.com, “The head of an anti-gambling expansion group Tuesday announced a three-front war as lawmakers prepare to consider a sweeping deal with the Seminole Tribe of Florida that he said could “lead to the largest gambling expansion in state history.”

Gambling opponents bash compact and hope for court ruling to squelch all gaming expansion – Miami Herald, “The proposed gambling agreement between the Seminole Tribe and Gov. Rick Scott is a “bad deal for Florida” because it will expand gambling across the state, violate the Florida Constitution, and undermine the state’s economy, said John Sowinski, president of NoCasinos.

Anti-gambling group takes aim at Seminole deal – South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “No Casinos, the main anti-gambling interest group in Florida, is taking a three-pronged approach to scale back gambling in the state. It plans to lobby the legislature against not only the agreement with the Seminoles, but any attempt to expand the state lottery. It continues with involvement in a case that will soon be before the Florida Supreme Court, and an attempt to get an anti-gambling amendment in the state constitution.

No Casinos sees gambling deal that includes PBKC slots as an “economic parasite” on Florida – Palm Beach Post, “John Sowinski, No Casinos president, called gambling an “economic parasite in our state,” arguing against advocates who have said it will add jobs, brings additional services and pull more tax dollars into the state.